What Happens During Shipping of Game Fowls

When you order your game fowls you’ll not only choose your fowls, you’ll choose from a number of ship dates. We’d like to give you a idea of what happens when that ship date arrives.

To ensure the safety and optimal health of your birds, your order of fowls will be packaged and sent via USPS Priority Mail immediately after the birds are hatched. We carefully box the baby chicks, ducklings, goslings, etc. according to the season so they have the best chance of surviving current weather conditions.

We care about every bird we ship, and want them to arrive in good condition. But we also understand that nature can take its course during travel. That’s why we add an extra 2% of birds to every order. Then you’re more likely to receive the number of healthy birds you’re counting on. For example, if you order 100 chicks, we’ll ship 102 to make up for any losses that may occur during shipping. Ready to place your chicken order? We’re ready to ship them to you!

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